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For many people, the phrase “root canal” can bring about a mix of feelings ranging from anxiety to sheer terror. Many inexperienced or careless dentists have created patients who are severely frightened of root canals and similar dental procedures due to causing unnecessary and intense pain.

At Galvan Dental Care, Dr. Galvan has 24 years of experience with root canals and provides his patients with gentle root canal treatments (also known as endodontic therapy). We ensure the affected area is 100 percent numb before beginning work so you have no discomfort during the treatment. While we cannot guarantee no pain at all, our patients regularly tell us that they do not experience any pain while in Dr. Galvan’s chair.

If your tooth has become badly decayed or infected, a root canal treatment will be necessary to save the tooth. The nerve and pulp are removed from the tooth. Once the nerve is removed the tooth will no longer cause pain. Removing the pulp is also necessary so that abscesses do not form. Once a root canal treatment is performed, a crown is necessary to protect the natural tooth from breakage.

The most obvious indicator that root canals are needed is pain. If you are experiencing severe pain in a tooth, either consistently or when biting down, you probably need a root canal. The sooner you see a dentist to receive treatment, the less pain you will experience.

Other times, root canals are needed even when no pain is present. X-rays can reveal a tooth that needs root canal treatment by revealing a black spot at the end of the tooth’s root.

An untreated tooth can cause swelling of the mouth and gums, and severe pain. If the tooth is not treated in time, it may not be able to be saved, and will require an extraction.

Don’t let this happen to you! If you live in the Vallejo, CA area, call Galvan Dental Care today to set up an appointment!

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