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Say goodbye to rubber bands, silver smiles, and sore gums! Invisalign straightens your teeth with plastic aligners, custom-made for you, that are nearly invisible.

There are many advantages to Invisalign over regular braces:

• They can be removed when eating, brushing, or flossing, minimizing the risk of gum disease.
• Fewer visits to the dentist (approximately every 4 to 6 weeks).
• Straight teeth in less than 18 months.
• Eat whatever foods you enjoy. No restrictions!
• And more!

Invisalign for Teens is also available. One of the best advantages to Invisalign for Teens that every parent will appreciate is that you get up to six free replacements per year if your teen’s aligner is lost or broken! Your teen will appreciate being able to take prom photos with a smile, and not having any food restrictions.

Regular braces can cause tooth decay, tooth discoloration, difficulty eating, and even tooth breakage. Invisalign has none of these possible side effects from straightening your teeth. The only side effect is a new, healthier smile!

With all these advantages, you are probably thinking that Invisalign is unaffordable. Believe it or not, Invisalign costs about the same as regular metal braces; the average cost is about $5,000. Most major medical plans cover Invisalign for teens, and severe cases in adults.

If you have crooked teeth, overly crowded teeth, gapped teeth, an overbite, underbite, open bite or crossbite, we can help! Call Galvan Dental Care today for your free consultation!

During your free consultation you will learn:

• How Invisalign works
• How long your treatment will last
• How much it will cost and payment options
• If aligners will affect your speech
• And more!

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